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In this new space where I find myself….I’ve been going though all my work from Seminary. In spiritual formation we kept a journal….this was from a 2008 entry..it is timeless for me as I find God’s voice less than a whisper at times.



Someone once told me

“To pray is to converse with God”

It seems matter of fact

As if I said broccoli is green

And cauliflower is white.

But within the confines of that conversation

Or the lack there of

I find silence.

Not the silence that comes with peace

But the kind that comes from seeking and not finding.

Frustration and anger are the companions of this silence.

The good Christian inside is afraid “they” will find out

Whoever “they” are.

I am trapped in this chasm of darkness within the light

I do not really understand.

I am alone in the company of many

And my fear is… I have chosen this.

Going through the motions

All the while numb

Have I turned off?

Or is He really just being silent.

I listen,

I am quiet

I hear nothing

But the echo of my own voice

I conjure up His presence.

Sing out His praise

Yet it is only


I wait.

I will wait.

My knowledge of Him

Intercepts my feelings

He will never leave me or

Forsake me

I will wait out the silence


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1/21/17   By Ami Vielehr


This is what democracy looks like

The chant… the call …to stand up and MARCH

To fight for justice and equality and human decency

To stand against hate and bigotry

We will not be silent

We will not be still

We have a voice and our voice will resound

Perhaps one battle is lost

But we will win the LOVE WAR
Seven continents strong

Women, men, children…WE MARCH

Black, white, brown yellow, red… WE MARCH

Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, WE MARCH

Gay, Straight, Trans WE MARCH

We will not settle for indecency

We will not fall for fallacy

We will not accept the lunacy

We will value democracy and freedom and justice for all

This is what democracy looks like

The chant …

The call to action…TO MARCH ON

Love Warriors united by peace and belief that

Love wins and Hate will never succeed

When we gather together in one voice.

This is what democracy looks like

You tell us to “get over it”

We say“ Get used to it”…

Until LOVE WINS we will continue to fight against

Injustice and so WE MARCH

This is what democracy looks like!

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Right is what I feel
When I disregard you,
“de”contextualize you
place you beneath me
and lord some belief over you
that I have…
and you do not
it makes me feel….above and not beneath

justifies my contempt

Like I know and you do not
and that somehow makes me
right…. and you….well…..wrong.

But Truth is not dependent
on my perception, my doctrine, my denomination
Truth stands confident
waiting to be discovered.

Regardless of how I feel or perceive

like gravity, or entropy

Truth does not answer to the desires of man…or woman…

it simply is…..

Truth cannot be bought

though it longs to be owned

Truth will not be tamed, or twisted or turned

By those who try to wield it as weapon

Truth will wait, quietly, confidently for those

Who who will embrace the incredible

freedom it holds

for Good and not for evil.

For Life and not for death

For Love and not hate……and not just to say,

I am right….and you are wrong!

You will know the Truth and it will set you free

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