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1/21/17   By Ami Vielehr


This is what democracy looks like

The chant… the call …to stand up and MARCH

To fight for justice and equality and human decency

To stand against hate and bigotry

We will not be silent

We will not be still

We have a voice and our voice will resound

Perhaps one battle is lost

But we will win the LOVE WAR
Seven continents strong

Women, men, children…WE MARCH

Black, white, brown yellow, red… WE MARCH

Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, WE MARCH

Gay, Straight, Trans WE MARCH

We will not settle for indecency

We will not fall for fallacy

We will not accept the lunacy

We will value democracy and freedom and justice for all

This is what democracy looks like

The chant …

The call to action…TO MARCH ON

Love Warriors united by peace and belief that

Love wins and Hate will never succeed

When we gather together in one voice.

This is what democracy looks like

You tell us to “get over it”

We say“ Get used to it”…

Until LOVE WINS we will continue to fight against

Injustice and so WE MARCH

This is what democracy looks like!


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It is only appropriate that it is raining today….Creation mourns with large tear drops

from heaven….No longer “land of the free and home of the brave” but

Land of the Fear… Home of the Bully.

My voice does not matter…..it does no good.

For years I have preached to a people

Love God and Love your neighbor

Deaf ears

It has fallen on deaf ears

We care more for money than people

Fame more than forgiveness

Fear more than love

I am broken

We are broken

God have mercy

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