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Snow Glory

It’s been a few years since I first wrote this but with the weather it seems appropriate!

Repairers of the Breach

It says that in Heaven
there will be no sun and no moon
no stars to brighten the night
There will be no need,
for the Glory of the Lord
will render those other lights
dark in comparison…
I always wondered…

a bit forlorn

and quite fond of my own

perception of light….

how this could be?
But last night,
at 1 A.M.
the dog
who got into something
he shouldn’t
quietly whimpered at my bedside
in sheer but polite desperation.
Ironically he is not the gentleman dog

to say the least,
yet strangely,

one of the reasons we have kept him around

is that he knows when the house is asleep
and that if he needs to be let out

he will sit at the side of our bed and whine…. softly
As he has matured these nighttime interruptions have become increasingly more
frequent and  defiantly more annoying,

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