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When I was little there were two kinds of dogs….purebred pooches of one single brand who sat at the feet of royalty and upper crusts,  who hunted at vacation homes and guarded properties which were………….well,  in need of….. guarding. Dogs, whose shampoo and blow outs costs more than a gourmet dinner.

And then there were dogs for the rest of us….. mutts we called them,  mixed breeds, pound puppies, those less fashionable; but not less lovable creatures who would sleep in our beds and bark at the gate when we returned home from school.  They didn’t wear sweaters or booties or have special beds with there names embroidered in the tartan plaid.  They were lucky if they got the old mattress pad to lay on in the mud room if they went for serendipitous romp in the mud of the puddle from the low spot in the back yard.

There inherent value did not reside in their pedigree or certification of their hips, if there parents came from a long line of show dogs or how well they obeyed….They simply were loved because they “were”.  But we loved them best as secret keepers, chill stoppers, tear driers, plate cleaners,  partners in crime who would take the blame no questions asked, they were our best friends.

But today, in mass marketing frenzy and the need to coin the latest and greatest thing… a bizarre trend has risen. A folly of such great deception I am quite amazed and perplexed that so many have bought into the scandal….and as the boy who betrayed all the cowardice folk I must proclaim….”the Emperor is Naked”

Cockapoo, Labradoodle, Shihpoo, Maltidox, Borkie, Cavacho, Chiweenee, Malshi, Peekapoo, Snoodle, and Shorkie….I have only one thing to say…..Malarkie!!!  I am not buying into it for one second.

These lovable , adorable  best friends are MUTTS!!!!

But somehow, somewhere, somebody thought “Hey lets give them a catchy name we will quadruple the price and call them designer dogs”

And I was intrigued because these dogs ,though they did not change what they did, except for a new name and  suddenly  they were made more worthy!

It got me thinking about how we assign value…. And how a dog which cost 40 dollars at the pound one day  but  the next day someone changes their name and deems them in vogue they are instantly worth hundreds more.

So what is it?  What is in name? As great poets have have asked before,  and why do we value something because of what it is called.  Could it be that our reasoning of value is driven by perception?  If the invisible “THEY” which coins all trends, deems something worthy…then it is and somehow the rest of us spend our time trying to keep up….trying to catch up.  And somewhere the “THEY” are laughing thinking….look at all those fools falling for that one….
Yes, I am curious about value….about the way we assign worth.  About what is in a name that can render it costly.  But called by its real name it is simply a mutt.

I begin to think of how as humans we don’t really change the name to assign worth…we simply add letters after the name and instantly it becomes important…costly, valuable.

MD, PHD, RN, LPN, MSW, DMIN, MDIV, PR, PE…the list goes on and on and defines what we do….what we are worth, and how we fit into the schematics of society as a worthy contributor.

I deal primarily with Alzheimer patients….ones who have many letters after their names but they don’t even recognize those letters much less their names. Their days are spent often alone, in homes with people to watch them so they do not hurt themselves, or others or escape and be unable to find their way home.  And I think of worth…and how we assign it.  And if a dog can be renamed a designer name and be worth much more even though he does nothing more…I think we need to address this principal with people too….

Except I think we should all agree on one name to make it easier to remember….

Child of GOD.

We all fit the mold….young and agile ,rich or  poor, active or sedentary. One who remembers…or one who does not. Our inhearent worth is not in what we do….but in who we are.

Yes…that will work……… Fill in your name here_____________________ followed by Child of God…..No other letters necessary!


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Resident Alien

I chose this path
believing it would
authenticate my desire
to speak and seek
That somehow degree
would provide credential
into the club

And yet on the other side
I realize
the letters after my name
will not permit me
entrance into any
hierarchy of supposed

That on the shadow side of
I will always be a resident Alien
in and not of
Qualified long before
letters etched their bold debut
It is hubris of knowledge really…

Because I am created
in the Image of God
I am qualified

The priesthood of ALL believers….
The Church
with or without
Deep Church

Part of the Body
perfectly autonomous
and deeply dependendent
working towards wholeness
in truth
and in

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